Podcast: The Ecopsychology Project

The Ecopsychology Project

By Jon-Erik Jardine

Enter the podcasting universe. Reaching out into a world full of people attempting to connect humans to an other-than-human world. This podcast is dedicated to creating a bridge of discourse between our fast-growing technocratic society and the personal and deep desire to feel a part of something greater than ourselves.

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The Dance of the Honey Bee

A Conversation with Beekeeper Robin David “There was a time when I teetered precariously with an awkward foot in each of two worlds–the scientific and the Indigenous. But then I learned to fly. Or at least try. It was the bees that showed me how to move between different flowers–to drink the nectar and gatherContinue reading “The Dance of the Honey Bee”

Let the Music In

With Ethan Holzer Permaculture designer by day and master of ceremonies by night, Ethan Holzer works hard to implement sustainable farming and forestry practices in the US but found that socioeconomic and political obstacles drained his energy and now lives and works in Colombia, focusing on community-scale food systems and spiritual healing using an understandingContinue reading “Let the Music In”

Season 1 Introduction

Welcome to the Ecopsychology Project. I’m Jon-Erik Jardine, and this is my podcast. The Ecopsychology Project is just that: it’s a project. It’s not a product to be consumed, but an on-going process. It is not a place to reach out and find solutions to the worlds problems, it’s more instead an orientation towards whatContinue reading “Season 1 Introduction”


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